Thursday, October 23, 2014

The B.S. from Gregor and Vision Vancouver Just Can't Stop!

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has made sure everyone is aware that he is against genetically-modified foods by declaring "Non-GMO Awareness Week." What will he be against next? Child soldiers, female circumcision, land mines ... and who knows what other hot-button issues that he has little if no control over, just like his current "hot-button issues," like the subway to UBC, pipelines, tankers in the harbor, etc.

I had a good laugh, the tweet in this article is from Nature's Path Foods. You may recall the boss of this company was in deep poo-poo for cutting down trees on his property (see, something in common with his healthy eating pal Gregor, who allegedly voted with his Vision pals to clear-cut hundreds of trees on the East Fraserlands (

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