Sunday, October 5, 2014

East Fraser Lands Development Shows Vision Vancouver's "Green" Hypocrisy

The East Fraser Lands development (located in the southeast corner of Vancouver near Boundary Road and Marine Way) really puts the lie to Vision Vancouver's "green" agenda: 

Sure, they are planting lots of new trees and bushes as per the official city WWW pages outlining the development ( but what happened to the hundreds, if not thousands of old trees that were cut down? Did developers have to pay the usual "blood money" for cutting down trees? I doubt it. And what happened to all the trees that were trucked out of the area?

See also this WWW page: 

"The illustration in the agenda shows that land earmarked for development was a woodlot. This is in stark contrast to the barren land south of East Kent Avenue. It may seem a little ironic that the City of Vancouver recently passed a tree removal bylaw and has a “greenest city” policy in place, yet
the City approved clear-cutting a section of forest."

One of these pages above mentions the "development permit" type sign about the deforestation which was planted on one of the side streets where no one will notice it. I took a picture of this sign (above) when it was previously posted at the edge of the former forest on the south side of Marine Way between Kinross and Boundary months ago. This sign was placed along a stretch of road where you cannot legally stop and there was no sidewalk so you could just walk down the street and see it.

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