Saturday, April 19, 2014

Are you a "record rescuer"?

Every few months there is some article about how there is a "resurgence" of interest in vinyl long-playing records. Current vinyl sales, according to one article I read, are about 2% of all music sales these days, which I thought VERY high. But new records are far from cheap, and there is no way I would ever go back to them because of this and the fact that I suffered for years listening to crappy scratches and so forth.

I think part of the "vinyl resurgence" has to do with people suffering from terminal nostalgia who are what I call "record rescuers" (yes, I count myself among these deluded people). They cannot bear to see records in thrift shops which are going to be abused (if they are not already) and/or "not going to a good home." These rescuers are like people who burst into tears when they see puppy dogs and pussy cats with big sad eyes up for adoption at the SPCA (and, I suspect, a lot of people on Facebook).

Friday, April 11, 2014

An advantage of being 3 years old

A friend of mine's daughter is 3 years old today. Being 3 is very much like being 65. When you are 65, you qualify for lots of cool deals, like an all-encompassing bus pass and discounts all over the place. When you are three, you can finally play with all those toys with a label "Not suitable for children under the age of three"!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Something else on Facebook which is stupid

On the left side of one of my main Facebook pages under "shit I normally never look at," there is this category "What is your relationship status?" Under this is a line "1 more pending item." So I clicked on that. Under this it says that one of my FB pals has "listed you [meaning me] as a family member." Except this guy is NOT a family member. He is no relationship to me whatsoever. There is a drop down which says "Choose relationship," with various crap like brother, sister, etc., etc. (a long list). There is no "none of the above."

No laughs at the fish market

I thought this was pretty funny, thinking "cleaning" means washing the fish (rather than removing guts, etc., which is what it really means) -- especially since this guy was using this weird vacuum-like device to do something vacuum-like in the fish tank.

But then he got all annoyed when he saw me taking pictures of another sign which said words to the effect "Osaka Supermarket is not legally liable if a crab should pinch you," and started screaming at me, "No pictures allowed in the store!"

I guess he thought by doing this I would steal the fishes' souls or something.

A chance in hell is better than this...

CKWX: "Another nail in the Canucks' coffin..."

Later, there was a news item that some guy did a computer anal-ysis of the Canucks' chances of making the playoffs. He said it was 0.01%.