Thursday, October 16, 2014

Only a month till the Vancouver civic election...

Vancouver NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe is white bread to Gregor Robertson's multigrain bread. He is bland and boring, bending over backwards to be Mr. Nice Guy because of the nasty stuff the NPA did regarding Gregor's split from his wife.

I think it is a waste of time voting for either him or Meena Wong, though many will as a protest against Gregor. They are likely going to split the vote and Gregor will get in as mayor no matter how much people hate him and his ideas.

The only hope is to elect some new people other than the usual Vision majority to city council. For example, newcomer (at least to council) Nikki Sharma should not be elected. Remember when she was the boss of the parks board and there was a meeting about the community centres which went until the early morning and then the parks board turned around voted the way they wanted anyway?

COPE's Tim Louis should definitely be on council because he likes to make trouble and he will be a bug up Gregor's ass. And more Green people should be there too.

Meena has some good ideas, though she is tainted with the "Commie COPE" stigma (remember what happened to the NDP's Gabriel Yiu versus Suzanne Anton in Vancouver South during the provincial election?). I think Meena should have run for council rather than mayor. She would have been elected in a landslide.

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