Thursday, March 20, 2014

Unsubscribing stupidity

Don't you love it when you get some e-mail from a company you contacted once for some reason and now you want to unsubscribe from receiving further messages -- and this is not just an automatic process through some link? Typically you would have to tell them which e-mail address you want to use to unsubscribe. In my case, I have numerous e-mail addresses forwarded through various domains to my main address, so I have no way of knowing which one it is. This is STUPID!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A bunch of crap

There are numerous Internet postings which suggest that if you leave your toilet seat open and flush the toilet, some "fine spray" will send minute pieces of pee, poo and whatever all over the place, contaminating any toothbrushes, towels, washcloths, bars of soap, etc. in the immediate vicinity (up to several feet away).

I think this is a bunch of crap (no pun intended).

I tried an experiment myself, closing the toilet lid and flushing the toilet. I then opened the lid and ran my fingers along the underside of it. It was COMPLETELY DRY.

[Follow-up: I did a Google search for a Mythbusters anal-ysis (no pun intended) of this phenomenon, and they determined that there actually was some "fecal material" encountered on a testing toothbrush near the toilet after a flush. But they also found this "material" in a room where they had put a testing toothbrush which was far away from the toilet. Their conclusion: shit is everywhere.]

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What bloggers need

Seriously, all bloggers should have someone standing behind them, like the guys riding in the chariots of Roman generals returning home from the wars, whispering in their ear: "Remember ... thou art but a man [or woman, as the case may be]."

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lottery Lunacy

There is a big ad in the paper today about how I can buy lottery tickets on line. I am too lazy to go to the store, so of course this is appealing.

I sign up, it sends a confirmation e-mail and I click on the link to log in. But I can't do this. You have to have Location Services turned on in your cel phone -- to prove you are in BC, I guess.

I am totally clueless about all this, until I phone the lottery help line. Normally if you have to have Location Services turned on, the app or site (this was a mobile site) will tell you to do that in simple language. You have to have Safari's Location Services turned on, since that is the app the phone uses while doing all this. There is nothing to tell you about all this ahead of time.

Having done this, I can log in. I choose the lottery I want and then choose the numbers. I go to "purchase" the lottery ticket that I have created, and I can't do it. You have to have money in your "account" first and you cannot go back to the main screen without destroying everything you have done so far (again, there is nothing to warn you in advance this will happen).

So I do that. Once I get to the place where I can put $5 in my account, I enter the credit card information and try to pay for this princely sum. Can't do that, it says the credit card (which I used previously at the very beginning of all this to "verify" that I was old enough to do all this crap in the first place) is declined. I try this twice. Finally, I phone the credit card company. There is nothing wrong with the card, but the company won't let you use the card for "gambling" and "betting" sites. Another company's credit card has no such problems.

What a fucking hassle!