Friday, December 10, 2010

Samsung Customer Support = STUPID!

I can't believe how stupid Samsung is (well, I should know this, I have a Samsung smart [sic] phone).

I wanted to contact them about a problem with my SCX-4600 printer. I went to their WWW site where I had registered my printer and had set up an account. Because I couldn't remember my password for this account, I sent myself an e-mail via this WWW site which I duly received a few seconds later. This e-mail has a link in it to reset your password. So I click on this, which goes to another WWW page. Which says "this link is broken." WTF! Talk about stupid.

So I phoned their customer service number in the e-mail to complain about this. The guy there (who was very polite and spoke perfect English) was totally useless, saying that he had no control over passwords (I pointed out I didn't want him to get involved with my password in the security sense, I was telling him that the MECHANISM to deal with passwords was BROKEN ... but he didn't get that either).

Then he asked what I wanted to contact them about.

So I told him. I got this pop-up window from Samsung when I started up my computer today, saying that there was new firmware available for my printer. So I clicked on a button in the pop-up, and the firmware is downloaded. But the instructions tell me that I have to turn on my printer to install it. Well -- DUH -- the bloody printer is ALWAYS ON (unless there is some mysterious meaning to the word "ON" which I am not getting). So I proceeded with this installation and it DOES NOT WORK. Sheesh!

The guy then told me that there was NO FIRMWARE UPDATE FOR THIS PRINTER, despite the fact that I told him the firmare upgrade number from the initial screen of the pop-up. So I suggested to him that maybe whatever mechanism that is causing this pop-up for a nonexistent firmware upgrade should be dealt with. He didn't seem to get this either.

What is the point of a "support" line if they can't "support" the customers?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Modern Dilemma

Walking into a clothing store and saying "I'd like to buy a pair of jeans" is like walking into Starbucks and saying "I'd like a cup of coffee."