Thursday, September 15, 2016

You too can be a GENIUS!!!

I think I should make big bucks generating ideas for those moronic click-bait web sites (usually with the word "genius" in their headline) about "things that people do not know." For example, do you know this:

On most DVDs, there is bullshit at the beginning like stern FBI warnings, company logos, and, worst of all, COMMERCIALS for other DVDs from the same company.

There is a simple way to bypass all this crap, by hitting the "next" button on your remote, usually used to go to the "next" chapter. Sometimes this does not work, because the companies want you to read the FBI warnings, etc.

If this method does not work, then try hitting the TOP MENU and/or POP UP MENU or their equivalents on your remote control.

There, now  you are a GENIUS!!


Actually, I am wary of sites which give you a message like the following when you have finished your task with a "good score":

"YOU'RE A GENIUS! You have a passion for perfection, you like to challenge yourself, and you appreciate diversity. You are committed to personal aesthetics, excel in finding problems and solutions, and have a driving force to create. You have boundless imagination and an open mind. In simple words: You Are Simply A Genius!"

I'm waiting for a quiz which gives a response like "You got ONE out of TEN right, therefore you are a moron."

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