Friday, July 11, 2014

Another mindless Facebook poll: "Which Surrey community are you?"

There is yet another mindless Facebook poll making the rounds. You know, like the ones which ask "Which sexual position are you?", "Which racially-discriminated-against ethnic group are you?" and "Which bad remake of a TV show are you?"

This one is "Which Surrey community are you?"

It doesn't help that Surrey itself is so ambiguous about its communities, which officially are:

North Surrey
South Surrey

Note that some of them like Whalley are not even mentioned!

Typical results from the poll, based on questions that you are asked, would be:

Crescent Beach - you live a secret life; you tell your friends you live "close to White Rock," not mentioning the "S-word."

Cloverdale - you are a nasty person, you don't see treating your pets badly as a bad thing.

Newton - you are a risk-taker, living in a place where there is a high propensity to getting murdered.

Surrey Central - you have aspersions to being a trendy, modern kind of person, living in some cool new condominium, but down at heart you are the SOS (Same Old Surreyite or Same Old Shit).

Whalley - you have serious substance problems, so much so that you cannot even walk or ride a bicycle without falling down.

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