Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vision Vancouver pushing all the right buttons

According to the June 25th Vancouver Courier, Vision has nominated "young" people for parks board, contrary to what Mayor Gregor Robertson said about the NPA being a party of "angry old men."

One of them is Trish Kelly, described as "a natural food company employee and self-described LGBTQ community member of Métis and Ukrainian descent."

Among the other Vision people being nominated for school board and city council:

Albert Akukalaqq, 28, a blind Inuit man who lost all four of his limbs in an attack by a killer whale. Despite his handicaps, he is the owner of a thriving business which creates authentic circumpolar native carvings. He has also been prominent protesting the Vancouver Aquarium's "confinement" of large mammals.

Da-Xia Xangpao, 30. She became president of the Shaughnessy Residents' Association even though she and her husband Ming-húa arrived in Canada only in late 2013. She is an avid cyclist and wants to ban all cars from her area ... unless they have a value of over $200,000.

Surjit Dhillander, 36, local vegetarian restaurateur who is at the forefront of the "Don't move to Surrey" movement among Vancouver's Punjabi Market merchants.

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