Sunday, March 16, 2014

A bunch of crap

There are numerous Internet postings which suggest that if you leave your toilet seat open and flush the toilet, some "fine spray" will send minute pieces of pee, poo and whatever all over the place, contaminating any toothbrushes, towels, washcloths, bars of soap, etc. in the immediate vicinity (up to several feet away).

I think this is a bunch of crap (no pun intended).

I tried an experiment myself, closing the toilet lid and flushing the toilet. I then opened the lid and ran my fingers along the underside of it. It was COMPLETELY DRY.

[Follow-up: I did a Google search for a Mythbusters anal-ysis (no pun intended) of this phenomenon, and they determined that there actually was some "fecal material" encountered on a testing toothbrush near the toilet after a flush. But they also found this "material" in a room where they had put a testing toothbrush which was far away from the toilet. Their conclusion: shit is everywhere.]

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