Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am voting YES in the HST referendum (where "YES" means "NO"). Although there are some business types (even those not motivated by typical business reasons like avarice) saying that the HST is a good thing, people seem to be overlooking that the government introduced the HST in a very sneaky way which made them universally loathed and cost Gordon Campbell his job (even though Gordo got a nice cushy appointment later). While this deception is hardly of the nature of "never to forgive, never to forget" (usually applied to the Holocaust), the government should be punished for their deception. As to how the government should deal with a YES vote, my response is "you made your bed, you lie in it" (a fancy way of saying "you made the mess, you fix it"). If the government had just said, "You know, we were bad, we pulled the wool over your face, we are sorry," they would probably have a lot more support. But now they are running these ads (likely paid for with public tax money) using a folksy kind of font which suggests they are printed by hand saying "You have a choice, either bring back the old tax structure, or keep the HST which will be reduced from 12% to 10%." Which is just more deception, because the latter choice doesn't have an asterisk beside it with "some conditions apply" in small print at the bottom, highly reminiscent of recent federal government radio ads touting the greatness of their "economic recovery plan" which ended with the stern voiced announcer saying "subject to Parliamentary approval."