Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vancouver citizens get "the bird"

With their decision to allow people to raise chickens in Vancouver, it was to be expected that Vancouver City Council would reach new levels of idiotic bureaucracy. I'm glad to see they did not disappoint, once again making our city the laughing stock (no pun intended) of the entire nation.

First off, you are only allowed to have four chickens, and they must all be registered at City Hall. Does this mean the chickens will have little licenses around their necks, sort of like dog licenses?

Second, you are not allowed to kill the birds. So what happens if one of the birds dies? Will City Hall appoint a Quincy-like chicken coroner to investigate causes of suspicious death?

The establishment of a pound-like coop to take birds which are neglected by their owners is especially stupid. The common sense solution to dealing with these birds would be to give them to the Union Gospel Mission, where they can provide a meal for some homeless person. Or has City Council totally forgotten about the homeless (their other "pet project") in their sudden enthusiasm for chickens?

1 comment:

  1. Are there any members of the city council still sane, who are asking themselves, "How do I get out of this chicken-sh*t outfit?"


    Your city councilmen should talk to the city fathers of Key West, Florida. Chickens down there have become one of the most prevalent PESTS in the town! Some got free, bred, and overran the island, darn near!

    I've even seen chickens running free in a park in the city of Jacksonville (Florida).

    Yeah, someone needs to give your city council the bird, for sure.