Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I purchased this flavored water at London Drugs the other day called Pureiän. (Don't ask me why there is an umlaut in the name -- maybe they are trying to be like Mötley Crüe?)

A news article on the WWW, presumably based on a PR release, says it is produced by NatureLand Products Ltd., a division of Pacific Western Brewing Company in Prince George, B.C. (many years ago the company that produced "Uncle Ben's" beer).

According to their WWW site at www.pureian.com (no umlaut), this is organic flavored spring water (cranberry, mango and natural flavors), which is sweetened with blue agave, the base ingredient for making tequila.

The cranberry product tastes OK, but the mango one is kind of weird (not bad, just weird). The natural and cranberry flavors (not the mango one?) have reportedly qualified for sale in BC schools because they are healthy and natural, unlike soft drinks.

Interesting news, but I think it is very unlikely the flavored drinks will be a hit with students!

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